Facility Maintenance Pros

Facility Maintenance Pros LLC has the expertise of a team of construction professionals that specialize in every aspect of facility maintenance. From general handyman services, to plumbing, carpentry, electrical, concrete work and all the way to janitorial, window and carpet cleaning services; from top to bottom we do it all! In fact, with over a decade of experience in facility operations and maintenance in the Puget Sound region, we are your local trusted source to keep your company operating smoothly. We understand that down time, means a potential slowdown, which is the last thing an owner or manager wants to see, let us help mitigate your risk, by allowing our knowledgeable staff to help navigate your facilities ever changing needs.


We have relationships with multiple local and national retail businesses, with locations spanning over 35 local communities of the Puget Sound, from as far afield as Port Orchard to Port Angeles. We provide a full range of services, from general handy-man services, landscaping and janitorial, to also offering general contracting services allowing you to upgrade or remodel your facilities, we work hard every day to make sure you are running smoothly!


From a dishwasher hose on the fritz, to a backed-up floor drain on the cooks’ line, we understand how timely the needs of restaurants are, your business demands speed and excellence of service, because showing up is only half of the battle, we show up, and we perform. We have relationships with the largest suppliers of commercial kitchen fixtures in the country, and can source anything that you might need to keep your facility running, or to upgrade your existing fixtures. No restaurant can afford down-time, we will help your business run smoothly!

Big Box Stores

Presentation is key for a big box store, curb appeal anyone? With our expert landscapers, your storefront will shine. Did you say shine? That’s right we do lighting, so don’t let that busted bulb bust your bubble. We can help your store with everything from carpet cleaning and janitorial, to restroom facility maintenance of drain systems and replacing leaking fixtures, we have you covered!

Office Spaces

When you go home at night, that is when our work comes to life. We have been told that our cleaning services are so good because it is like we are invisible; and that is what we like to hear our pride comes in making the transition seamless. Let us help take a load off of your work.

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